Steve Schwartz:

  • #StrongSchwartzBorn on November 7th, 1964. From Plano, TX.
  • Moved to Santa Cara, CA area in 1967 (aka Silicon Valley)
  • Attended preschool thru 7th grade at both public and private schools
  •  Moved Back to Dallas in 1978
    • Attended Saint Paul Middle school for 8th grade before moving onto Jesuit College Preparatory High School and eventually transferring to Plano Senior High School
    • Later attended a few semesters of Junior College before finding my way into a counseling career in 1987.
  • By 1996 I was living in Phoenix, AZ and I left the counseling field to pursue my technical passions. Before the end of 1998 I had earned my MCSE and accepted an “Advanced Technical Trainer” position teaching other budding MCSE Candidates all over the nation.
  • 2000-2002 I was really moving. Had landed a tech support position at TI during the final year of the telecom boom.
  • In 2003 I again had to change my career and began in Advertising Sales for a few B2B publications. My First Sales Job!
  • By 2005 I had broadened my horizons and stepped into Merchant Processing and Payroll Services
  •  2008 brought me back to publishing and when the economy hit the skids I was out slinging insurance from 2009 – 2012 during which time I landed at a growing Starup Up called ShopSavvy. I worked for the VP of Business Development who specialized in shopper Data analytics.
  • 2013 came around and I was hired by an enterprise data and tech company. I was finally getting nearer to the level I wanted to be at. The Technology sales arena!

The rest is history as they say. This is where I learned to engage the D and C level folks in an meaningful effective manner. One of the focuses of this blog is to share my success and failure while navigating the minefields of consultative sales. I hope you will enjoy and learn from my experiences and dive in to the nuances of the consultative sale.

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